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Second Day of Ashura Gathering in Nigeria

The Ashura Mourning Majlis in Zaria entered the second on Tuesday the 2nd of Muharram 1432. Sheikh Zakzaky explained the significance of mourning of the brutal killing of the Household of the Holy Prophet, which is duly commemorated by Shiáh worldwide. He emphasized that, Ashura Jalsah is part of Islamic rituals, and not a tradition like the Eid festivals.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, the Prophet himself was the first to mourn the killing of Imam Husain even before the event occurred by many years. He cited the Sayings of the Prophet with regard to Ashura in which Imam Ali was reported to have on a particular day found the Prophet weeping. Whereupon the prophet narrated to Imam Ali of the killing of Imam Husain at karbala, as the reason which made him shed tears.

Similarly, the prophet once informed one of his wives, Ummu Salamah, of what will befall Imam Husain at karbala, and condoled her as he gave her sand in a guard. He told her that when ever the sand turns blood red, then it is a sign of the occurrence of the killing of Husain(AS).

Sheikh Zakzaky stated that Ashura was never a new thing is this part of the world as it has been observed through ages in history. He cited the example of its popularity among the Zage-Zage clan in Zaria city over the years. The Zage-Zagi clan historically migrated from Bengazi, Libya 600 years ago. It is also popular among the Alhazawa clan in Zaria city too.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement revealed many baseless fabrications and distortions with regard to Ashura event by the enemies of Imam Husain, who turned it into day of rejoicing. Banu Ummayyah in particular regarded the day as day of merry-making, because they celebrated their “success” in destroying the Prophet’s Household.

The Umayyads even fabricated a Ahadeeth to show that all blessings of Allah descend on Ashura day, for example, they asserted that Noah was saved from drowning on Ashura Day; that Prophet Ibraheem was save from the Namrud Fire on thesame day; Adam’s repentance was accepted on this day; Yunus was delivered from the belly of whale on this day. Some even recorded that the holy Prophet(SAWA) was born on this day!

In another part of this speech, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that the mass acceptance of Ashura gathering worldwide can be considered as a sign of re-emergence of the long awaited Imam Mahdi(AJ), for the fact that the Imam will be the one to take vengeance on the killings of Imam Husain(AS).

Sheikh Zakzaky said, what was inflicted upon Imam Husain (AS) on Ashura day at Karbala was not unconnected with what happened to his predecessors, the Ahul Bayt, such as Sayyidah Az-Zahra(SA) and Imam Ali(AS).

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