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Second Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela

A second Iranian tanker has reached the Venezuelan shores after making a long journey from the Persian Gulf region.

According to the marine traffic data, the second Iranian tanker, the ‘Forest’, reached Venezuela after entering the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) on Sunday morning.

The Forest was reportedly escorted by the Venezuelan Navy’s PO-13 Yekuana boats until it reached its destination in the Bolivarian Republic.

The arrival of the Forest marks the second time time in the last 48 hours that an Iranian fuel tanker has reached the Venezuelan shores.

Three more oil tankers are expected to arrive to Venezuela from Iran. The five vessels are carrying an estimated 1.53 million barrels of gasoline between them.

​As the Forest was approaching the Latin America country, reports emerged that the tanker was being shadowed by the U.S.-flagged offshore supply ship ‘Adam Joseph’ – the same vessel that reportedly followed the Fortune on Saturday.

​This comes amid fears that the U.S. could use military force against the Iranian tankers. Responding to the allegations, Tehran warned Washington that the White House will “face retaliation” if it tries to prevent the Iranian fleet from arriving to Venezuela.

Both the Iranian and Venezuelan oil sectors are suffering because of sanctions imposed by the US. For the Latin American country, the sanctions have, among other difficulties, resulted in a gasoline shortage.

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