Senior Iranian cleric emphasizes on faith and ethics as criteria for electing

81abb07880e059cd41fdc13d23d1dd26_LTehran’s Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami has emphasized on faith and ethics as two major criteria for electing.

According to IRNA, Ayatollah Khatami in the first sermon of this week Friday Prayers, said: “Faith and ethics should be the major criteria for electing in all fields.”
He also called on people to choose piousness during their lifetime and added: “The human being faces different alternatives during life, such as the decisions he has to make for choosing a spouse or making friends etc, and in political area, he also has to elect a president, or a representative” stressing, “the decisions should be made in a very careful manner.”
The leader of Tehran’s Friday prayers also referred to the desecration of the ancient mausoleum of prominent Shia Muslim figure, Hujr Ibn Adi in Damascus by foreign backed militants in Syria and said, “The reaction of Shia and Sunni Muslims in condemning the incident indicated that both religious groups have common stances against seditionists.”
Ayatollah Khatami further pointed to the Zionist regime’s recent airstrike on a research center near Damascus and said the attack proved that the opposition groups are traitors and are cooperating with the Zionist regime against the Syrian nation.

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