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Senior Turkish, Syrian intelligence chiefs to meet in Baghdad: Turkish media

Turkish media announced the imminent meeting of head of Turkey’s Intelligence and National Security Organization with his Syrian counterpart in Baghdad and start of a new round of ties after a decade-long strained relation.

Turkish media outlets revealed the imminent meeting between Head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Hakan Fidan and Syria’s National Security Chief Ali Mamlouk in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Turkish-based “Türkiye Gazetesi” Daily in a report wrote that historic meeting between senior Turkish and Syrian intelligence officials will take place in Baghdad, capital of Iraq.

A wide range of topics will be discussed between the two parties, the daily quoted Turkish officials as saying.

Former Head of Turkey’s General Staff Intelligence Agency Ismail Hakki Pekin said that this historic meeting will be held in Iraqi capital Baghdad and is a beginning of a new process in relations between the two countries.

The collapse of relations between Turkey and Syria in mid-2011, when a civil war started in Syria, caused huge financial and spiritual damages to both sides, he reiterated.

Pekin went on to say that Syrian and Turkish intelligence officials would address two important issues of Iraq’s Kurdistan Workers’ Organization (PKK) and asylum seekers.

In addition, the two sides will confer on the situation and the latest developments in parts of Syrian-linked areas of Turkey such as Idlib and Daraa as well as outlining a new roadmap between the two countries.

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