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Settlers attack Palestinian citizen and cause him serious injuries

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Around 15 Jewish extremists attacked on Sunday morning a 37-year-old Palestinian cleaner in Tel Aviv, Palestinian sources reported.

The group of extremists hit Hassan Ausruf, from the city of Yafa in the center of the Palestinian 1948-occupied territories, with bottles on his head and all over his body while he was working in the Yarkon Street in the city of Tel Rabia (Tel Aviv), and then fled.

Ausruf’s wife said that when her husband asked the settlers why they were attacking him, they told him ‘because you’re an Arab’.

“They attacked him with whatever they could get their hands on, bottles and shards of glass and they inflicted serious wounds to his head and in one of his eyes,” she added.

Medical sources added that Ausruf was treated at Wolfson Medical Center for skull fractures and serious injury in his left eye and that he underwent a surgery in the head.

According to Palestinian sources, this incident shows the escalation of racist attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinians from the 1948-occupied territories, because of the public and official incitement by extremist rabbis.

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