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Several Tourists Stabbed in Jordan

At least five people were stabbed on Wednesday in the ancient Jordanian city of Jerash. Three were reportedly tourists from abroad.

Several people, including three foreign tourists, were stabbed in the Jordanian city of Jerash on Wednesday, according to local media.

The tourists, a tour guide and a security officer were stabbed near Roman ruins for which the town is famous. The tourists have been variously reported as being Spanish or Mexican.

Police arrested a man at the scene who is the main suspect in the attack, reported the official Jordan News Agency. A security official said that the suspects were hospitalized.

Another security source said that two victims were in a critical condition.

Jordanian news outlet Al Hadath published video footage of a victim lying motionless on the ground bleeding, while someone pressed a towel to their leg.

Al Mamlaka TV tweeted images of site of the stabbing, which has been closed to the public.

Jordan has seen an increase in tourists from abroad in recent years and such attacks are rare.

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