Shams ensemble to perform in Tehran


Traditional Iranian music ensemble Shams is scheduled to perform traditional style of Sufi and Classical Iranian music in Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Organized by Qoqnous Music Institute, the concert will present musical performance on some selected poems of Persian mystic and poet Mowlavi.

A group of dervishes from Turkish city of Konya has been invited to perform the Sufi ecstatic dance (Sama) during the concerts that will be held from October 31 to November 2.

The composer and Tanbour virtuoso Tahmures Pournazeri, and vocalist and kamancheh maestro Sohrab Pournazeri will accompany the band.

The group will also present performances on some poems of two contemporary poets Mohammad Hassan Moayyeri known as Rahi Moayyeri as well as Mohammad (Hooman) Zakaie.

Established by Keikhosro Pournazeri in 1977, the ensemble presents the selected poems set to music with the Persian musical instruments such as Tanbour, Daf, Ney and various other percussion instruments.

The Music of Shams has accompanied the voices of many renowned Iranian vocalists such as Shahram Nazeri and Bijan Kamkar so far.

The worldly-known Iranian music group has performed at over 300 international venues in France, Spain, India, the US, Canada, China, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and some other countries.

The ensemble also took part in the Easter festival of Imago Dei in Austria in March, 2013.

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