“Shawkat Deactivated First Bomb before the Second Exploded” in Syria

Assef Shawkat Deactivated the First Bomb before the Second Exploded, Finger Pointed at Mossad and Intelligence Apparatus

“What A Loss” is the most concise and suitable expression to say in the aftermath of the martyrdom of the “crisis cell” Generals in Syria. The supporters of the Resistance’s weapon were mourned by its Secretary General, asserting that they also were sharing struggles with the Resistance against the Zionist enemy over the past decades. He also reminded some of the absentminded that Syria was the only Arab state that enfolded the resistance movement and supported it.

Among the martyred Generals, there was a very common name that was referred to in the journals during the few past years as one of the mainstays of the Syrian Regime. Assef Shawkat, President Bashar Assad’s brother-in-law, was in that period outside the spot of light. Close companions describe him as the man of the state and of attitudes, and the less he speaks the more he listens.

General Shawkat had spent a long time coordinating the secret relationships of the regime. He occupied several posts such as the Head of the Department of Military Intelligence which directly deals with the issues of armed troops. He supported President Assad’s instructions in supporting the resistance as if he was one of its leaders. He supervised transferring specific weapons and heavy equipments in July war 2006, and became one of its heroes.

Some close companions of the martyred Leader Imad Moughniyeh assert that there was a special relationship between Hajj Moughniyeh and General Shawkat. They comment on its martyrdom as it is a “big loss”. The Lebanese Al-Akhbar daily talked about the relationship between Shawkat and the martyr Leader Imad Moughniyeh noting that “the Syrian General is modest and he bows when shaking hands with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, he was also interested in listening to the Palestinian news late in the night.”

The daily also mentioned that the man “was practically concerned until the last moment of his life with providing the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine with the equipments they need. Under his guardianship, resistance troops and its staff survive in Syria. He cares for every detail that concerns them, such as places of living, means of transportation, their main affairs, training camps and preparation, as well as providing the path for the Palestinian resistance key-staff to arrive from Palestine and apply top secret and critical trainings.”

How did the Assassination take place?

The head of the Political Department in the International Organization for Arab Expatriates Mohammad Dhirar Jammo asserted that the bursting wasn’t remote controlled. As he made reservations to mention all what he had known, he unveils that General Assef Shawkat was able to discover and deactivate one of the two bombs found at the office before the second had exploded.

As he conversed with the Al-Manar website, Jammo negated what media outlets had mentioned about the so-called “Free Syrian Army” adoption of the operation. He explained that the crime exceeds the abilities of the unorganized groups of bandits. Such operation requires logistic information and satellite pictures showing the movement of the security leaders. He noted that the accusations are directed against the Israeli Mossad and other Western Intelligence offices.

As for the information published in the French daily “Le Figaro” about special Qatari forces to execute security operations on the Syrian land, the Syrian politician didn’t deny that. Not to mention that the Qataris might not have the enough intelligence cunning, but they might be involved in funding and executing the operations directed and planned by the Mossad and CIA according to Jammo.

The Syrian Ambush: A Pilot Disserts and the Turkish Combat Plane was Shot Down

And about linking the Syrian rockets launched from Syria and targeting the Zionist War Minister Ehud Barack’s convoy to the response to bursting the National Security office, Jammo denies that the response will ignite a regional war, noting that it would rather take place inside the frame of the International system. However, the rockets launched to the Golan don’t represent but political messages from the Syrian regime’s side.

Jammo, talking about the political messages, stated to the Al-Manar website that the Turkish combat plane was shot down last month after Damascus had prepared an ambush in a critical intelligence operation executed by the Syrian aerial intelligence. Furthermore, he added that Syria was aware of the Mossad agents cells in Damascus, Lattakia, and Aleppo, among which there were Turkish and Jordan members, and they were under surveillance. For this reason, they sacrificed the pilot that fled to Jordan carrying the data which the Syrians were aware of.

He also added that the Turks received the data few moments after the Syrian pilot landed in the military base northern Jordan. According to the content of the data, they set a bank of Syrian goals assuming that the Syrian radar won’t discover their combat plane since it carries the same code as the Syrian ones. At this point, the Syrians lured them in order to soot the plane down on the Syrian land aiming at delivering a political message for those who are concerned.

Fabricated Videos will be displayed in the 10 coming days

In another context, Jammo talked about the psychological war launched against Syria asserting that the western and Arab satellite channels that are organizing terrorism and destruction campaigns will display during the following ten days previously-recorded and prepared videos showing military operations conducted by the “Free Army” as well as his gangs controlling the area surrounding the Presidential Palace.

Mohammad Dhirar Jammo restated what was said by Henry Kissinger about the American failure in transferring sectarianism to the Syrian army and dominating President Bashar Assad. He explained that the Americans admit they are defeated, but they won’t accept that since they have invariable standards before any sort of settlement, which the US is disable to do currently especially that it has nothing to grant in a period of time it is getting prepared to the grand affairs such as the presidential elections and the economic crisis.

Jammo terminated his conversation saying that war is not likely to take place, yet it is still possible. He proved his suggestion noting that the world today witnesses an international equilibrium clearly seen in the Security Council where, for the first time in its history, the veto was used successively thrice.

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