Sheikh Qabalan: To Reinforce National Unity

Sheikh Qabalan The Higher Islamic Shiite Council Vice President, Abdul Amir Qabalan stressed the “necessity to exert joint Muslim-Christian efforts to reinforce national unity in Lebanon, because we want our Arab region to be the oasis of Muslim-Christian coexistence.”

Sheikh Qabalan, in a meeting with member of the Islamic-Christian National Dialogue Committee Mohammad al-Sammak, deliberated the general situation in Lebanon and the region, and called for “the religious clerics to generalise the culture of reconciliation and sincerity among [Lebanese], and gather politicians’ points of views and invite them to dialogue, forgiveness, and peace.”

Furthermore, he stated, “Cooperation and consolidation are required from Lebanese so our country would be protected against threats and dangers,” underscoring, “Lebanon is a nation of love, cooperation, and national union, and we must maintain and keep our country from tension and turbulence coming from the Arab region.”

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