Sheikh Qaouk: Resistance Lebanon’s Guarantee, Syria’s Enemies Failed

Sheikh Qaouk
Hizbullah Deputy Executive Council Chief, His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, stressed that “resistance turned today to the largest title for the whole country’s glory and pride in face of “Israel’s” defeat, weakness, and inability.”

During a ceremony held by the Association of Imam Mahdi’s Scouts, Qaouk confirmed that “although the resistance was, during the past 30 years ago, in the center of US-“Israeli” targets, it was able to strengthen its abilities and powers as the enemy was suffering successive defeats.”

“The resistance is the only guarantee to protect Lebanon’s land and sovereignty, as well as to complete the liberation of the occupied Shebaa Farms and Kafr Shuba hills,” he stated.
In parallel, he slammed the other Lebanese party that wishes that this land haven’t been Lebanese so that the resistance wouldn’t liberate it.
“Do these people give a sample of nationalism when they surprise, relief, and rejoice the Zionist entity through their positions?” His Eminence wondered.
He further confirmed that “the first condition of patriotism is to be in a location that frightens and worries “Israel” and not in the location that rests it.”

Moreover, Sheikh Qaouk pointed out that “Israel” and the United States as well as their Lebanese tools bet today on Syria’s destruction to weaken the resistance and create a new “Israeli” aggression based on new equations.
“”Israel” recognizes that in case it launched any war in the absence of Syria, things would be much comfortable for it,” he viewed, and noted that “this requires from the resistance to enhance its military capabilities, and to respond to those bets by more arming and preparing to cut “Israel’s” appetite for any aggression.”

On the Syrian front, Sheikh Qaouk iterated that “what is happening in Syria is a global war to weaken the resistance axis and relieve “Israel”.”
“The Arab money flows into the country to fuel the raging fire,” he said, and added: “After almost two years, Syria’s enemies arrived to the path of failure and are now in a moment of strategic loss after they tried everything and the regime succeeded to remain.”

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