Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Rejects Lebanon Subjection to IMF

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheiklh Naim Qassem stressed  the party rejects that Lebanon gets subjected to the International Monetary Fund dictations, saying  it is not wrong that the government benefits from the IMF advice.

“This is what the government is doing.”

Sheikh Qassem pointed out that Lebanon is suffering from a financial and economic crisis whose causes have been accumulating for 30 years, highlighting the need for a reform plan.

Hezbollah Deputy Chief described the politicization of coronavirus to seek revenge as an immoral act, adding that crises must push people to get closer.

Sheikh Qassem hailed the efforts exerted by the Lebanese health ministry to fight and prevent spread of the epidemic, describing the outcome as an achievement.

Sheikh Qassem underlined the determination of the axis of resistance to confront the Zion-US scheme in the region, highlighting the consecutive victories recorded in this field.

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