Slaughterer Israel Reveals Details on Hamas Leader’s Assassination

Hamas Leader’s Assassination

“Israeli” newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported on Friday that a network officer in charge of monitoring information on Palestinian forces admitted that “we learned how to understand [Ahmed al-Jaabari, the late Hamas military chief,] and knew what he was doing, and ultimately how to detect him.”

The officer revealed that al-Jaabari couldn’t be assassinated sooner because of “Israeli” soldier Gilad Shalit being captive with Hamas, and feared that targeting al-Jaabari would hold grave repercussions on Shalit.

The officer, known as General T, admitted that targeting al-Jaabari was difficult, since “he resided in several houses, never travelled alone, and didn’t eat in restaurants, instead he had food brought to his house.”

Al-Jaabari was eventually killed when his car was hit by the “Israeli” air force on November 14, 2012, triggering Operation Pillar of Cloud aggression on Gaza.

Moreover, General T mentioned multiple factors to consider before assassinating al-Jaabari, chiefly Hamas’ reaction and destabilization.
“We suggested that we eliminate the Hamas stockpiles of long-range missiles to prevent a retaliatory attack,” the general stated.

He also revealed that after much deliberation, “Israeli” forces estimated that the “loss of al-Jaabari would cause serious destabilization for Hamas.”
“The missile was fired and within a few minutes we had received confirmation that al-Jaabari was dead.”

The order was instantly given for the “Israeli” air force to eliminate the Hamas long-range missiles.

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