Slaughterer Israeli scheme to expand settlement in Jerusalem


Slaughterer Israeli authorities have approved the construction of 32 additional housing units, in Beit Orot in occupied Jerusalem after the establishment of 28 housing units in Jabal al-Zaytun in Jerusalem.

The lawyer Kais Nasser told al-Ayam newspaper that four buildings are planned to be established in Beit Orot settlement consisting of 32 housing units.

The settlement expansion is funded by the American-Jewish millionaire Irving Moscovich, who had previously held a conference with the participation of Minister of Housing during which they discussed the Israeli settlement construction in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The settlement was built several years ago, where a Jewish religious school was established for inciting settlement expansion and building the alleged Temple on the ruins of al-Aqsa mosque.

The lawyer added that the expansion project of Beit Orot settlement was submitted by the religious school to confiscate more than three dunums of al-Tur neighborhood.

Nasser considered the project as a serious escalation in settlement expansion where it will pave the way to build a large settlement outpost in al-Tur neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

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