Social Wrath Escalates, “Israel” into Burning Self Circle

A wheelchair-bound “Israeli” war veteran set himself alight at a bus stop on Sunday, sustaining serious burns. The incident took place two days after a protester died of injuries from a similar incident.

The burning is likely to increase fears of a wave of self-immolations in protest at the economic policies of the right-ring government in the Zionist entity.
Police and medics said the man was in his 50s and that passers-by put out the flames that engulfed him on a road near Tel Aviv. He suffered burns over 80 percent of his body.

It was not immediately clear which war the man had fought in but he may have been involved in the “Israeli” occupation of Lebanon, which ended after the Lebanese resistance forced them out in 2000.
This comes as concerns in “Israel” escalate that the July 14 self-immolation of Moshe Silman, at a march against rising housing and food prices, might be copied.
Silman, 57, died of his injuries on Friday. He was unable to pay debts he owed to the so-called “Israel’s” National Insurance Institute. He left behind a note accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz of “taking from the poor and giving to the rich.”

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