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Son of tribal leader says US and SDF of assassinated his father for opposing occupation

Ahmad Atliyoush, the Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Deir Ezzor Governorate and the son of the late Sheikh Atliyoush of the Al-Akidat (Al-Aqidat) Tribe, who was assassinated on Monday, at his home with his son and his guest, said that “his father paid the price for his steadfast national stances rejecting the presence of all kinds of occupation and armed militias supported by these colonial powers that steal the country’s goods.”

Atliyoush blamed his father’s death on the U.S.-led Coalition and their allied militias that are currently operating east of the Euphrates River.

“My martyred father had categorically refused to sit with the representatives of the American occupation or what they called themselves representatives of the alleged ‘international coalition’, and there were four invitations sent to him to meet the American military leaders In the illegal rule of the Al-Omar Oil Fields, which he rejected all of them, out of his belief that there is no continuation of an occupier and security for an enemy,” Atliyoush told Sputnik Arabic.

He continued: “My father is a member of the Arab Al-Akidat Tribe, known for their poise and love for all. He was a good friend of the same among all the other Arab tribes, and he was respected by all the dignitaries and sheikhs.”

Atliyoush indicated that “one of the leaders of the Qasd (Syrian Democratic Forces) organization visited my father in a civilian capacity and as a guest a while ago in his residence in the town of Hawaij Theban, specifically after the outbreak of demonstrations, protests and clashes between members of the Arab Al-Akidat Tribe and the militants of the Qasd organization, which is under the control of the American army, following the assassination of a sheikh.”

According to Atliyoush, his father rejected the Syrian Democratic Forces’ presence in the area because “it is for its Syrian people and people from the Arab tribes only.”

He pointed out that “my father always stressed during his sessions and social meetings that Syria is a united country and that its oil and agricultural wealth, which considers the Jazira and Euphrates regions as important reservoirs for them, belongs to all Syrians without exception, and it must return to them whatever the price, stressing the need for the return of state institutions.”

He added that “the American occupier and the” Qasd organization are the ones who bear moral and criminal responsibility for the killing of my father, brother and their guest, and they will announce as usual that they will arrest the perpetrators, which will not happen as they promised to our cousins, the Al-Hafl family, so there is no solution except with the expel these strangers are from our region today before tomorrow. ”

Source: AMN

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