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Sources: Maliki Is Likely to Stay in Power ’Strong’


Soon after the Iraqi legislative elections on April 30, which some have described as “purely democratic”, results of the initial counting of votes have brought to the Parliament almost all the bloc submitted by the “State of Law” coalition, headed by the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

According to special well-informed sources, the new electoral distribution map for the year 2014 “looks very comfortable, giving Maliki a chance to easily form the new cabinet which will take the reins of power for four years to come.”

The sources told AL-Manar Website that the expected results of votes counting in all provinces of the country “will be in favor of Maliki, who has now a greater momentum to maneuver and form the government than it was previously thought,” when the candidates lists were being organized.

They also expected that the “State of Law” coalition will gain twenty seats in the Parliament more than other blocs, which increases the chances of Maliki to stay in power for a third term.

Moreover, Al-Manar Website learned from sources familiar with the Iraqi affairs that signs of reorganizing what they called “the Shiite House” began to loom, especially in terms of an agreement between the “State of Law” coalition and “the Citizen Bloc”, that belongs to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

“The coalition-to-be is expected to achieve unity among the Shiite politicians in Iraq,” the sources told Al-Manar Website.

The “State of Law” coalition has topped the results of provincial elections in seven provinces out of twelve where voting took place, according to official reports.

Results, declared by Higher Independent Electoral Commission last Saturday, showed that State of Law took the head in seven provinces, and a draw in the eighth with the bloc of the Supreme Council.

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