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Spokesman: EU Parliament’s Anti-Iran Claims Distorted, Unconstructive

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Seyed Mousavi blasted a recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament against the Islamic Republic, describing it as unconstructive and hasty.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the anti-Iranian allegations made by the European Parliament hasty, unconstructive, and based on distorted facts,” Mousavi said on Monday.

The remarks came as the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday (December 19), accusing Iran of violating the human rights of its citizens in the last month’s protests.

Mousavi said that the European Parliament’s resolution was adopted according to “baseless evidence provided by unreliable sources and adversary groups, some of which have a terrorist nature.”

“As a democratic establishment, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers freedom of speech and peaceful protests as a natural right of its citizens and has always adhered to this,” the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added.

Mousavi said that the issue of human rights should be taken into account without double standards and political motivations.

“What is the reason for the European Parliament’s silence against illegal and immoral US sanctions which have violated the rights of 80 million Iranians?” he asked.

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