Spokesman: Iran to Firmly Repel Israel’s Possible Adventurist Move

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh strongly reacted to the recent remarks by Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid, and said that Tehran reserves the right to respond to any adventurism.

“Outlaw Israeli regime—sitting on illicit nukes & refusing to join NPT—again threatens NPT member Iran; a nation with world’s most inspected nuclear program,” Khatibzadeh tweeted on Friday.

“The West’s darling is a habitual extorter. But the world has woken up to its destabilizing nature. Iran reserves the right to respond,” he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman’s Twitter message came as the Israeli regime’s foreign minister, Yair Lapid, who traveled to Moscow accused Iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon. He claimed that a “credible threat” should be shown to Iran, as the country is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons and poses an “existential threat” to Israel.

“Israel won’t allow Iran to become a nuclear state, or even a nuclear threshold state,” Lapid claimed on Thursday in Moscow at a news briefing.

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