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Statement: Martyrdom of Palestinian journalist to collapse ‘israel’ sooner

While condemning heinous act of Zionist regime in killing a Palestinian journalist in Jenin, Islamic Development Coordination Council said that martyrdom of Palestinian journalist will cause Zionist regime to collapse sooner.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Islamic Development Coordination Council condemned the martyrdom of a Palestinian journalist “Shireen Abu Akleh” by the usurper and child-killing Zionist regime.  

The statement is read as follows,

The brutal attack of Zionist regime forces in martyring free-thinking Palestinian journalist “Shireen Abu Akleh” is a crime against all humanities, freedom, peace and liberty and questioning humanity and freedom by a fake, bloodthirsty and child-killing regime that has not adhered to any ideology and international laws. 

The tragic news of martyrdom of Palestinian journalist “Shireen Abu Akleh” and brutal attack of Zionist regime forces on her funeral ceremony indicate that child-killing regime of Israel fears of resistance of Palestinian people, independent journalists and world public opinion.

While condemning the brutal attack of Zionist regime forces on the funeral ceremony of “Shireen Abu Akleh” and deadly silence of countries in the world and international organizations towards heinous move of Zionist regime in martyrdom of Palestinian journalist, the Islamic Development Coordination Council calls on all human rights organizations to take a clear and decisive stance against such inhumane act which is a gross violation of human rights rules and regulations.

Shireen Abu Akleh, who was covering an Israeli regime army raid on the Jenin refugee camp, shot in the face and killed by Israeli forces in West Bank in the Occupied Lands.

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