Successful operation in towns in Damascus Countryside over 40 hours

Successful operation in towns in Damascus Countryside over 40 hours

Army units uncovered a tunnel, dismantled explosive devices and arrested terrorists in continued operation of clearing al-Ziyabiyeh and al-Husseiniyeh towns in Damascus Countryside.

A military field leader told SANA that units of the armed forces dismantled scores of explosive devices which terrorists had earlier planted in the streets and houses in al-Ziyabiyeh weighing between 50-100 Kg.

He added that the army units uncovered a tunnel under the main road in the town which was full of anti-tank explosive device.

Turkish-made mobile phones, Jordanian passports, Palestinian documents, and military maps of the southern area of Damascus Countryside were also found in the framework of the operations.

The army units also uncovered a workshop including materials for making explosive devices.

SANA reporter quoted the leader as saying that the army units arrested many terrorists in the two towns to which the army restored security and stability over 11 km during a 40 hour operation.

Terrorist group affiliated to the so-called “Ahfad al-Rasol”, “Hiteen Brigade”, “Al-Golan Brigade” and Jabhat al-Nusra were eliminated during the operation.

The leader highlighted the importance of restoring security to the al-Ziyabiyeh and al-Husseiniyeh towns in terms of helping restore security to Damascus-Sbeineh-Najha and tighten the grip on the towns of Hijjeira and al-Buweideh.

In the meantime, units of the armed forces destroyed a number of terrorists’ dens and a mortar in Talet Qamou’ in Yabroud area and in Khan al-Shih and Beit Jin farms in al-Nabek area and killed and injured numbers of terrorists.

A military source told SANA that the army also clashed with an armed terrorist group in Souk al-Ghanam area in al-Nabek and killed and injured scoers of its members.

An official source told SANA reporter that the army killed a number of terrorists in al-Thanwyeh roundabout in Harasta and three terrorists in al-Qaboun neighborhood.

The army clashed with terrorists in the area of Joubar and killed a number of them. Among the killed terrorists were na’eem al-Rayhan and Khalil Abdul-Malek.

An army unit targeted a terrorists’ gathering in al-Mulaiha and killed and injured scores of the terrorists hiding in it. Terrorist Mohammad Slakho was identified among the dead.

In the areas of al-Bahharyeh, Bait Salman and al-Zamanyeh in al-Ghouta, the army carried out many operations in which scores of terrorists were killed or injured. Among the killed terrorists were Abu Zuhair, leader of a terrorists group, and Ismael al-Lakka.

The army clashed with terrorists who tried to attack a military checkpoint in Hijjera and targeted terrorists in the neighboring area of al-Sbeinah, killing and injuring a number of the terrorists in these areas. Terrorists Firas al-Bakkar, Raed al-Qar’ouni, Adeeb Nassar and Suhail Idrees were identified among the dead.

The army units seized control over the town of al-Sheikh Omar, located between al-Zyabyeh and al-Bwida and eliminated scores of terrorists in al-Bwida’s outskirts.

The army also destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in many areas in Daraya city and killed many terrorists, among them of several Arab nationalities. Terrorists Abu Mohammad al-Sharbaji, leader of a terrorist group and Abu Muslim, of the Tunisian nationality, were identified among the dead.

Meanwhile, the army targeted and destroyed a terrorists’ hideout in al-Sukki farms in the area of al-Nabek and killed many of the terrorists hiding in it, among them was Mohammad Gharra.

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