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‘Superpower’ US unable to provide security to its own people



Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif said Tue. the US, as a major power that has and still can destroy the whole world with the use of inhumane weapons, has been unable to bring security for its own citizens.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark on Tuesday during the closing ceremony of a student competition dubbed ‘Question of Mehr’ in the presence of Minister of Education, Head of the AEOI, and a number of other officials, teachers and students.

‘Question of Mehr’ poses a question to students each year ahead of the new Iranian school year, and this time in its 16th round, it was focused on the opportunities available for Iran under the nuclear deal achievement.

“The problem of today’s world is a lack of understanding the realities,” Zarif said. “The world has become globalized but few decision-makers in the world have an understanding of what globalization actually means.”

Zarif went on to add, “when we look at the current situation, it becomes apparent that world’s politicians are not as courageous as Iranian students when it comes down to thinking, and in the world of globalization, a zero sum game is meaningless.”

The Iranian foreign minister noted, “the US, even after having spent billions and trillions of dollars for its military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, has yet to arrive at this understanding that the era for sanctions and pressure has come to an end. Our people, though, have realized this.”

“The Americans said Iran must not own even one centrifuge, but today they are faced with 20,000 centrifuges,” Zarif said. “They said Arak Heavy Water Reactor must be dismantled, but today, not only have they come to accept its existence, they are also participating in its redesigning.”

“Thanks to a wise Leader and a steadfast president, we were able to comprehend the realities of the international community,” Zarif said, adding “in such a chaotic region where corruption and extremism soar, the Iranian nation is living in peace and security.”

“The fundamental element of power for us is God and the presence of our people on the scene, and there is no possibility of imposing pressure on the Iranian nation,” he stressed.

The world today is such that it gives every one of us a chance to be a superpower, he added.

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