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Supreme Leader Ensures Iraqi PM of Maximum Support, Raps Powers for Regional Crisis, Lack of Honesty


Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei told the visiting Iraqi prime minister that Tehran will continue all-out support for his government, and slammed the trans-regional and some regional states for the current crisis in the region, stressing that Iran will not trust the so-called coalition against the ISIL terrorist group.
Speaking in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi in Tehran on Tuesday evening, the Leader stressed that Iran will continue its “resolute support for the new Iraqi government”, and added, “The current situation in the region, including Iraq, is the product of the very irresponsible policies of the trans-regional powers and certain regional countries in Syria, and these policies should be confronted resolutely.”

“We do believe that the Iraqi nation and government, specially the youth of this country, enjoy the ability to overcome the terrorists and restore security and do not need the presence of the foreigners,” he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated the influential role of Iraq as a major actor in the region, and said the nation can play the same role once security is restored to the country.

He praised the valuable services rendered by former Iraqi premier, Nouri Al-Maliki, to Iraq, and stressed, “We are standing beside you and support your government seriously, like the previous one.”

The Leader ensured the visiting premier that Tehran is still looking for stronger ties with Iraq, and vowed unsparing efforts in support of Baghdad.

He also praised Iraq’s policy in recent years in support of Syria, and said Baghdad’s decision not to allow its soil be used as a platform for attacks on Syria has been “a correct and wise policy”.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted the claims made by the anti-ISIL coalition, and said, “We do not trust the honesty of those who make these words and believe that ISIL and terrorism should be remedied by the regional countries.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted the recent separationist statements made by some ethnic groups in Iraq, and warned against the dire repercussions of such tendencies.

He endorsed the Iraqi government’s policy of national, ethnical and tribal unity as a “fully correct” move, and underscored, “Iraq is a single geographical unit and separation of the Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs and Kurds in Iraq is meaningless.”

The Iranian Leader further stated that election through democracy and on the basis of people’s votes “is one of the advantages of the new Iraqi government”, and said, “Some do not want to accept the happening of this reality in Iraq and the region, but this has taken place and the Iraqi government should protect this crucial achievement powerfully.”

He also described the Iraqi youth as a treasure for the country, reminding that “this huge wealth will come into the Iraqi government’s aid in needy days”.

Also during the meeting, the Iraqi prime minister said he is much pleased to have his first trip to Iran after his election, and appreciated the Leader’s “very good stances and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s aids in Iraq’s war with ISIL and the terrorists”.

He lamented that certain countries in the region do not realize the threat of ISIL, “but we believe that we can go past this stage and push back the terrorists with the wisdom and insightfulness of the two Iraqi and Iranian nations and the support of religious scholars and Your Excellency’s guidelines”.

Al-Abadi also noted some plots hatched for dividing Shiite and Sunni Muslims, specially in his country, and said his administration is a “national unity government”.

He further reiterated his resolve to further expand all-out relations and cooperation with Iran during his current visit.

Al-Abadi arrived in Tehran at the head of a high-ranking Iraqi delegation Monday night.

Prior to his arrival, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Marziyeh Afkham said Tehran and Baghdad are looking for the establishment of regional stability and tranquility through collective efforts of all countries in the region, and said the Iraqi prime minister’s visit to Tehran will be aimed an expansion of regional security ties.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches special importance to the upcoming visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi to Tehran and believes that the prospects of mutual cooperation are very promising,” Afkham said.

During the Iraqi prime minister’s visit, the Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman said, the two states’ officials would exchange views over the current complicated developments in the region and how to restore peace and stability in the region.

“Al-Abadi is to confer with high-ranking Iranian officials on the latest developments in the region to discuss ways to resolve the regional crises,” Afkham added.

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