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Swiss organizations mark war on Gaza

Hundreds of supporters of the Palestine cause are expected to gather in front of the UN office in Switzerland on Sunday to commemorate the first anniversary of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

The Green party along with the socialist and labor parties and other societies and human rights groups have supported the event in which 1,400 balloons would be let loose with the names of the Palestinian victims of the Israeli war.

Eyewitnesses and parliamentarians who visited Gaza would deliver statements on the war.

The Swiss rights for all society called in a statement on the occasion for the immediate end of the Israeli siege and for bringing war criminals to trial.

It proposed marking 7th of January each year in mourning for the murder of tens of children in an UNRWA school in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli army, and urged reactivation of the campaign to boycott Israeli goods and all companies supporting the Israeli occupation authorities.

The society said that the Nobel peace prize should be withdrawn form Israeli president Shimon Perez for his involvement in the crimes against civilians in Gaza.

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