Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army, Air Force Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Homs Province



The Syrian army backed by the country’s air force hit hard the terrorists’ military positions and hardware in the Eastern part of Homs province.

The terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian army’s attacks and air raids by the country’s warplanes.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian ground troops and air force launched massive attacks on ISIL in Homs, targeting its gathering centers and killing several militants.

The Syrian fighter jets carried out several sorties against the ISIL positions and strongholds in the Eastern parts of al-Sha’er oilfield as well as Rahoum and Abu al-Dababir regions which destroyed an ISIL vehicle and a base, killing all the terrorists deployed there.

Meantime, heavy clashes have been reported between the Syrian army forces and militants near al-Maher oilfield.

Also the Syrian army units clashed with the ISIL terrorists who sought to approach al-Sawam’a front in the Eastern parts of Palmyra (Tadmur) and repelled their attack after killing tens of them.

They also targeted the militants’ positions in the two fronts of Tala al-Mushrafa and Northern Um al-Saraj with artillery fire.


Fierce clashes resumed between the Syrian army and terrorist groups in Hanano region and the Old Shaikh Najjar district on Thursday as army’s artillery units are targeting the militants’ positions.

The Syrian army attacked terrorists’ positions in the Western and Southern districts of Eastern Aleppo, while making limited advances in the Northern and Northeastern parts of the city.

According to the reports, Damascus has prepared all its military equipment and forces in all fronts of Aleppo and is repeatedly asking the militants to allow civilians to leave the region.

Kamal al-Jafa, a military analyst, said that terrorists’ positions in the Eastern parts of Aleppo city have collapsed militarily.

He added that the defense lines of the terrorists in these regions came under attack and fell to the army. “There is no need to the use of heavy weapons, and only presence of more military men is needed,” he said.


The Syrian army troops continued operations in the Eastern parts of Damascus to restore security in the capital, and could retake control of several regions on Thursday.

The Syrian army units could advance in the Eastern parts of Meida’ani and Housh al-Zawahera towns and seize back control of more than 15 points, including several farms and buildings.

They also started military operations in the Northwestern parts of Eastern Ghouta to separate Harasta from Douma cities and increase pressure on terrorists in Douma city from the Eastern side.

The Syrian army also could advance in the two pivots of Medical Tower-International Road and al-Rayhan farms after heavy artillery attacks and airstrikes.

They also won back control of all terrorists’ trenches and centers in Aliya farms in Harasta and could retake control of tens of command posts of Jeish al-Islam in al-Rayhan farms.

The Syrian air force, also pounded the militants’ positions in Douma, Saqaba, Arabayn, al-Nashabiyah, al-Shifouniyeh, Housh al-Zaqahera, al-Rayhan and Ain Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta and targeted Jobar district in Eastern Damascus.


The Syrian army repulsed two attacks launched by the terrorist groups against their positions in Northern Hama and could advance in new areas in a counterattack.

As Syrian army units continue their massive operations in the Northern parts of Hama, terrorists conducted a heavy attack on their positions in Ma’an and Souran but the Syrian soldiers could ward off the attacks and inflict heavy damage and casualties on the militants.

After repelling the terrorists’ attacks in the Northern parts of Souran town, the Syrian army launched a counterattack and targeted their positions and supply routes with artillery and missile fire, and advanced in new districts of al-Basatin region in the Western parts of Ma’an town.

During the operations, at least 16 terrorists were killed and 7 military vehicles were destroyed.

Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets carried out tens of sorties over the terrorists’ supply routes which link Idlib and Hama provinces to Aleppo to prevent transfer of fighters, weapons and ammunition.

As the Syrian army’s anti-terrorism operations continues in different parts of Aleppo city, the army aircraft carried out several combat flights over the supply roads used by the terrorists in the provinces of Idlib and Hama in order to prevent dispatch of fresh militants and equipment to the terrorist groups in Aleppo.

The Syrian bombers targeted a long convoy of terrorists’ vehicles on Hama-Idlib highway that is one of the terrorists’ most important lines of movement, killing a number of Jeish al-Fatah’s terrorists and destroying their military vehicles.


The Syrian army forces launched special operations in the Southern parts of Dara’a province, killing dozens of al-Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) terrorists in an ambush.

“The operations were carried out between Tafas-Yadouda and the Northern parts of Mazra’a al-Baitar that is an arms conduit from Yadouda, given its adjacency to the Jordan borders,” a field source said on Thursday.

The source added that the Syrian forces started their operations in the region from several sides and could surround tens of terrorists, noting that all the militants were killed in the clashes.

The Syrian army units also destroyed a hideout, a watchpost and a number of military vehicles of the militants in the Eastern parts of al-Karak prison in Dara’a al-Balad.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian army continued military operations in Deir Ezzur and killed tens of terrorists, among them Saudi, Moroccan and Egyptian nationals.

The Syrian army forces targeted the ISIL bases in al-Roshdiyeh and al-Sana’iyeh districts and al-Jafra village in the Eastern parts of Deir Ezzur killing over 20 terrorists and blewing up their weapons and ammunition.

The Syrian soldiers stationed in Deir Ezzur airbase also clashed with the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern side of the airbase, leaving 10 militants dead.

Also in response to the terrorists’ attempts to attack the military parts of al-Jafra in the Southeastern side of Deir Ezzur, the army units inflicted heavy casualties on them and destroyed three of their military vehicles.

The Syrian forces also targeted an ISIL military vehicle in Hawija al-Sakar-al-Jafra passage, Southeast of Deir Ezzur, with missiles which smashed the vehicle and killed or wounded all the militants inside.

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