Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists’ Attack on Gov’t Positions in Damascus


The Syrian army soldiers warded off terrorists’ attack on their positions in Damascus province after hours of clashes, inflicting major losses on them.

The terrorist attack to capture the government forces’ positions in the Eastern countryside of Damascus was fended off by the strong defense of the Syrian military men.

Meantime, the Syrian army and popular forces continued their military advances in other parts of Syria, including Hama and Idlib, over past 24 hours.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in provinces across Syria.


The Syrian Army troops repelled terrorists’ heavy offensive in Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday and in a rapid counter-attack managed to seize control of more positions, expanding the security zone around its vital points.

The army men, backed up by artillery and missile units, fended off heavy attack of Ahrar al-Sham and Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in a region between Harasta and Arbin.

The army soldiers later carried out a rapid counter-attack and captured several workshops near al-Nofous building Northeast of al-Qobayr region in the town of Arbin.

In the meantime, the army units warded off a heavy offensive of Jeish al-Islam in al-Shifouniyeh region, killing or wounding a number of terrorists.


The Syrian Army forces beat the ISIL back from 16 more regions and extended the range of their control over more lands in Northeastern Hama on Tuesday.

The army men stormed ISIL’s positions in Northeastern Hama and captured the villages of Sawanat al-Hamra, al-Naqroush, Talal Janoubi, Rajm al-Abil Sharqi and Rajm al-Abil Qabi.

The army forces further advanced against terrorists and freed the regions of Abu Darikheh, Tal Abu Darikheh, Um Aj, Um Abeh, Rasm al-Tawal, Rasm al-Tawal Sharqiyeh, Tawal al-Dabaqin, al-Mosleheh, Talijeh, Marijab Talijeh and al-Harash in Northeastern Hama.

A field source confirmed that the army has decreased the terrorist-held areas among the provinces of Hama, Idlib and Aleppo up to 900 sq-km after its recent advances.

Earlier reports said that the army men, backed up by missile and artillery units, managed to take control over the villages of Abu Khanadeq, Abu Kharayej, Khirbet Um Rajoum, Rasm al-Mofaker al-Halo, Rasm L-Mofaker, Rasm al-Kabar, al-Shour and Tal (hill) al-Shour, al-Zabi’eiyeh and Wadi Jahanam after heavy fighting with ISIL in Northeastern Hama.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attacks.


The Syrian Army continued attacks on terrorists trapped in a large region among the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama on Tuesday and pushed them back from several more villages in Southern Idlib.

The army men, backed up by the artillery and missile units, stormed terrorists’ positions and imposed control over the villages of Qaytal, Khirbet Moradish, Rasm Mash’al, Albu Toweisheh and Qazileh.

A large number of terrorists were killed or wounded and their military hardware was destroyed in the attack.

Relevant reports said earlier that the army troops repelled a heavy attack of Al-Nusra Front near the Abu al-Dhohour airbase, killing over fifty terrorists.

The army men, backed up by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets, fought back Al-Nusra and the Islamic al-Turkistani Party near the town of al-Mosheirefeh and Tal (hill) Sultan Northwest of Abu al-Dhohour airbase, killing over fifty terrorists.

The army destroyed several military vehicles of the terrorists, including a bomb-laden car near Tal Sultan.


The Syrian Army’s artillery units shelled heavily again a Turkish military column after the convoy arrived at a base of the Al-Nusra Front in Southern Aleppo, a Russian media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language website of RT reported that the Syrian Army’s artillery units, deployed in the town of al-Hadher in Southern Aleppo, opened heavy fire at the Turkish military convoy a few hours after its arrival in Tal al-Eis region.

Also, local sources reported that two Turkish soldiers were injured in the artillery attacks on the convoy in Tal al-Eis 3 km away from al-Hadher, adding that the injured military men were sent to Turkey for medical treatment.

In the meantime, the Turkish army’s missile units deployed in Turkey’s territory fired several guided missiles at al-Hadher and Tal Aran in Syria.

Dissident-affiliated websites reported that the Turkish Army again dispatched a military column to Southern Aleppo after the Syrian Army targeted and destroyed Ankara’s convoy in a similar region last week.

The websites reported that a military convoy of the Turkish army has entered Syria’s Idlib province and has moved towards Tal al-Eis region in Southern Aleppo.

The websites further said that the Turkish column includes 60 military vehicles and crossed into Syria’s Idlib via the border village of Kafr Lousin.

This is the third time in the last three weeks that the Turkish army convoys try to reach Southern Aleppo.

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