Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Starts Large-Scale Fresh Operations in Jobar


The army units started military operations in Jobar to regain control over the Eastern parts of the town.

The Syrian army and the militants engaged in heavy clashes in Al-Zobdani and Eastern Jobar.

The militants had taken control of Arafeh stronghold several days ago, making the army start action in the region.

The Syrian army’s artillery units started shelling the militants’ positions in Jobar town concurrent with the infantry’s ground assault on Friday.

Takfiri terrorists have recently stepped up their attacks against civilians as Syrian army soldiers have achieved major victories in their battle against the foreign-backed militants.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Popular Committees for Defending Syrian Kurds regained control over farms surrounding the border town of Jazeh in Qameshli region in Hasaka province in fierce clashes with militants.

The Kurdish popular committees also gained control of Habibeh silos and five farms in the surrounding areas of Jazeh town in Qameshli countryside.

The liberation of these regions started after the popular committees launched surprise attacks on the militants in these regions and forced them to withdraw.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army thwarted attacks by the militants on Vadi Al-Zeif and Al-Hamediya towns in Idlib countryside in the Northwestern parts of the country.

The army pushed back repelled the militants’ attacks on Vadi Al-Zeif and Hamediya n Idlib countryside on Friday.

Meantime, Syrian Armed Forces stormed the hideouts of militants in the countryside of Homs and Deir Ezuur, leaving a large number of them killed and injured.

The strongholds of the rebels were raided in al-Waer, al-Ghajar, Talle al-Bado, Mas’adeh, Um Seheirij, and al-Shajara in Homs’ countryside.

Meantime, more than 15 militants were killed by the Syrian soldiers in Um-Sharshouh area in the countryside of Homs.

The army also inflicted heavy losses upon the militants in Mouhessen town and al-Mrei’iyeh village in Deir Ezuur’s countryside, killing, wounding and arresting a large number of them.

Also, the Syrian Armed Forces made more advances against foreign-backed militants operating in the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them during operations in Damascus, Aleppo and Idlib countryside.

The militants in Arbeen and Zumalka areas in Damascus countryside faced with the crushing response of the army and many of them lost their lives.

Meantime, the Syrian soldiers stormed the strongholds of the militants in al-Lairamoun, Tal Raf’at, Kafr Karmin, al-Shaar, Tal Alam, and Handarat in the countryside of Aleppo.

Also, the forces claimed the lives of scores of non-Syrian rebels in various Idlib countryside including Talab, al-Debshiyeh and Jabal al-Zawieh.

Meantime, the Syrian armed forces continued clean-up operations against militants in the countryside of Deraa and Homs on Friday, leaving many of them dead and injured.

Syrian soldiers, in a series of fresh operations, inflicted massive casualties upon foreign-sponsored insurgents in Kherbet Ghazaleh village in the countryside of the Southern province of Deraa, a military source said.

The army repelled militants’ attacks on Um al-Mayazen town and Deir Dama in al-Lajat area in the countryside, killing many of them and injuring others.

The army also targeted a convoy of cars which the rebels were using in al-Shumara town.

A large number of militants were killed during operations carried by the army in al-Harak, in al-Saadi farms in Enkhil, and on Khrab al-Shahem-al-Yadouda road in the countryside.

Meantime, in the countryside of Homs, the Syrian soldiers won the battle against the rebels in the villages of Mreimeen and Sheniyeh, leaving a number of the terrorists dead and wounded, in addition to destroying their weapons.

Terrorist Ammar Mustafa Bakkour, leader of the so-called ‘Omar bin al-Khattab Battalion’, was identified among the dead, along with terrorists Mohannad Adnan Ibrahim, Ghaiath Zahr al-Saghir, Mohammed Ahmad al-Jazzar, Ahmad Tammam al-Sayyed Abdullah and Ahmad Ismael.

Army also targeted gatherings centers of rebels in the villages of Salam Sharqi, Arshouneh, Tal Dahab, Taldo, the land of al-Sheikh Ibrahim al-Hakim, and on al-Sekhneh-Palmyra road in Homs’ countryside.

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