Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Wins Back Several Key Regions Near Key Oilfield in Homs Province

The Syrian army and resistance fighters backed by the country’s air force regained full control over a number of key regions in Homs province in fierce clashes with the militants.

The army units won back several strategic regions near Arak oilfield in Homs province.

Scores of terrorists were killed and injured as the army was purging them from the newly-captured areas in Homs province.

The Syrian army, popular forces and resistance forces also continued their military gains in other key provinces across Syria, inflicting heavy losses on them.


The Syrian Army troops continued their advances against ISIL in Eastern Homs, driving terrorists out of more regions near the oil and gas fields.

The army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL Northeast of the newly-liberated city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and pushed the terrorists back from the strategic region of al-Sawameh along the road to Arak oilfield.

In the meantime, the army soldiers took back al-Qabab region North of Tal (hill) al-Ameriyeh and Palmyra from ISIL.

A military source said, meantime, that the army’s control over the Northeastern and Southern fronts, Sabkhat al-Mouh, power convertor station, al-Kaziyeh and Maktab al-Dowar Southeast of Palmyra, will restore more security to the ancient city.

The source further added that a large number of ISIL terrorists were killed and a number of its vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed in the army attacks, including a vehicle with license plate number registered in Saudi Arabia.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Army troops and Air Force pounded ISIL’s positions and movements in the Southern outskirts of Deir Ezzur city, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The army soldiers repelled ISIL’s attack on Deir Ezzur’s airbase and then launched heavy artillery attack on terrorists’ concentration centers and positions near al-Maqaber (cemetery) region Southeast, Southwest and North of the airbase, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their military equipment and weapons.

The army aircraft also bombed ISIL’s gathering centers South and East of Deir Ezzur military airport, cement block making factory, al-Maqaber cemetery, Jonayd Division district, al-Thardah mountain, power company, Tamin Brigade region and al-Jafrah passageway, killing or wounding a large number of terrorists.

Also, the army soldiers repelled ISIL’s attacks on government forces’ positions in the Eastern direction of Deir Ezzur city and two other flanks near the city’s airbase and Tamin Brigade region in the Southern countryside of the city on Monday, killing or wounding a number of terrorists and forcing the rest of them to retreat from the battlefields.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery units shelled ISIL’s movements and positions in al-Maqaber region, near the Electrify Company, Tamin Brigade, airbase, al-Makbat region, cement block making factories and in Jafrah village, killing a number of terrorists and destroying several command posts of them and a military vehicle.


The Syrian Army soldiers continued to advance against ISIL in vast areas in Eastern Aleppo and captured territories only 3km away from the strategic town of Deir Hafer, a field source said Tuesday.

The source pointed to the army advances in Shweilakh, Karkiz regions and Tal (hill) Hamimeh, and said the Syrian pro-government forces are just 3km away from Deir Hafer and will liberate the ISIL-held town soon.

The source said army’s control over Deir Hafer will open the path for the Syrian army to move from the Eastern parts of Aleppo province to Raqqa, while they can also move towards the town of Khanasser to complete their operation there to reinvigorate security to the Aleppo-Hama road.

Reports said earlier on Tuesday that the army troops managed to drive the terrorists out of one more key settlement near the key town of Deir Hafer.

The army units engaged in another round of intense battle with ISIL West of Deir Hafer and managed to recapture Hamimeh al-Saqireh settlement, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

In the meantime, the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat flights over the positions and movements of ISIL in the Western direction of Deir Hafer, killing tens of terrorists and destroying several positions and military vehicles.

A local source said that the army’s control over Hamimeh al-Kabireh and Hamimeh al-Saqireh reinvigorated security to Kuweires airbase.


The Syrian Army forces continued to attack the positions of Al-Nusra Front (Fatah al-Sham Front) in Eastern Ghouta and managed to take full control over the entire Bostans (gardens) in al-Qaboun district.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with Al-Nusra terrorists and managed to recapture the entire Bostans in al-Qaboun district Northeast of Damascus city after taking control over al-Mohaba Sports Stadium.

Local sources said that the army soldiers also discovered and seized tens of tunnels of the terrorists in al-Qaboun’s Bostans connecting the district to Harasta and Arbin towns.

The sources added that almost 200 terrorists have thus far been killed in clashes with the army men in al-Qaboun district.

Elsewhere in the province, the army units opened fire at the movements of the terrorists in al-Sanawiyeh square in Harasta town, destroying two of their positions, including a telecommunication center equipped with modern equipment.


The Syrian Army troops targeted badly the positions of Al-Nusra Front (Fatah al-Sham Front) in the Southern part of Dara’a city, killing and wounding at least 35 terrorists.

The army units opened heavy fire at the positions and gathering centers of Al-Nusra near al-Mesri square, Katakit building, Post building and near al-Karak and al-Abbasiyeh neighborhoods and the road to the Dam in Dara’a al-Balad district, killing and wounding 35 terrorists and destroying two of their command posts.

Three military vehicles and a machinegun-equipped positions of Al-Nusra were destroyed in the army attack too.

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