Syria in Past 24 Hours: Afrin Residents Fleeing for Turkish Troops, Allied Militants’ Brutalities

A large number of civilians started leaving Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo for safer regions after the Turkish army and its allied militants intensified looting people’s assets, local sources reported on Wednesday.


The sources said that local residents of Afrin have started leaving their regions towards Aleppo city and the regions that are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as measures done by the Turkish army and Ankara-backed militants have deteriorated security in the region.

The Ankara forces have continued abduction of people, blackmail, plundering people’s assets and damaging civilians’ businesses.

Also in the past 24 hours, more Ankara-backed militants were killed in 3 separate attacks launched by the Kurdish militias in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo on Wednesday.

The Kurds ambushed a group of Ankara-backed forces along a road to the village of Deir Sawan n Sheran in Afrin, killing 3 militants and seizing their arms and ammunition.

Other units of the Kurdish militia killed an Ankara-backed militant on a road connecting Rajou to Haj Khalil.

In the meantime, Kurdish sniper man opened fire at the positions of Sultan Abdul Hamid militants in Qala Nabi Houri in Shera region, killing one of the Ankara-backed gunmen.


The Syrian army warded off the terrorists’ offensive against the military points in Northern Hama, field sources said, adding that the militants also launched missile attacks on residential areas in Aleppo province.

The Syrian army forces killed in the bud the terrorists’ attacks against their points in Northern Hama, inflicting heavy tolls on them on Wednesday, the sources said.

Meantime, the Syrian army troops launched missile and artillery attacks against the moves of a group of terrorists who wanted to enter the army-controlled areas in regions near the town of al-Latamineh in Northern Hama, by violating the Sochi agreement.

The army soldiers repulsed the offensive, leaving a large number of militants killed and wounded. Other terrorists fled the scene towards al-Latamineh.

Also, the terrorists stationed in Rashedin region in Aleppo province launched missile attacks against the residential areas near Zein al-Abedin great mosque in New Aleppo district, wounding a civilian and inflicting damage on properties.


The Syrian Army continued hunting the remaining pockets of ISIL terrorists in the Eastern desert of Sweida on Wednesday, imposing control over more strategic points.

The army men stormed ISIL’s strongholds in the depth of the desert of Sweida and captured several hills in the rocks.

Other units of the army drove ISIL out of more areas in Qa’a al-Banat in Toloul al-Safa.

In the meantime, field sources said that the army seized military control over Qabr Sheikh Hossein region after its advances in Western, Northwestern and Southwestern Toloul al-Safa.

The sources further said that ISIL front is on the verge of full collapse as its supplying lines in Toloul al-Safa have been cut off by the army.


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and civilians in Raqqa engaged in heavy fighting due to continued suppression by the SDF, media sources reported on Wednesday.

The sources said that tens of residents of Al-Rahman Street in Raqqa city’s al-Ramileh district revolted against the SDF, while chanting slogans in support of the Syrian army.

They reiterated that the SDF’s security forces arrested several protesters after surrounding them.

Meantime, the SDF forces arrested at least 10 protesters on charges of encouraging protests against the Kurdish forces in Albadou district of Raqqa city.

An SDF forces was also shot down by unknown assailants in Raqqa city.

Also on Wednesday, a sum of 14 corpses of the civilians killed in the US air raids were found in Raqqa city, local sources reported.

The sources said that Raqqa Civil Team has found a sum of 14 bodies of the civilians killed in the US air raids in al-Adkhar district in the Western part of Raqqa city.

The sources further said that unearthing civilians’ bodies from debris of the buildings in al-Badou neighborhood in Raqqa city in underway.


The newly formed “National Liberation Front” (NLF) reportedly arrested several people in Southern Idlib on Wednesday for seeking reconciliation with the Syrian government.

According to a Syrian military report, the Turkish-backed group arrested several people inside the towns of Kafr Naboudah, Tal Hawash, and Tramala, the AMN reported.

The civilians are still being held by the National Liberation Front on charges of collaborating and seeking reconciliation with the Syrian government.

Both the National Liberation Front and Tahrir Al-Sham launched simultaneous security operations in Idlib that sought to identify and arrest government spies and sympathizers.

As a result of these security operations by these militant groups, dozens of people have been arrested, with some even being executed over their alleged ties with the government.

The jihadist rebels also launched a big security operation in Hama and Aleppo provinces that are focused on identifying these government sympathizers.

Deir Ezzur

Two gunmen of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were killed in a fresh round of fighting with civilians in Northern Deir Ezzur on Wednesday.

The SDF fought with residents of the small town of Abu al-Nital East of Deir Ezzur city that left two SDF gunmen dead and a civilian injured.

The clashes came after the SDF attacked a group of civilians that were protesting against the SDF’s arrest operation near the town’s pharmacy.

Field sources, meantime, said that the SDF retreated from the scene but later dispatched more militants and equipment to the town, managing to lay siege on the town and arresting a number of people.

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