Syria targeted for pro-Palestine stance: Jalili

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili says Washington and Tel Aviv have targeted Damascus because of its “exemplary” support for the Palestinian cause.

“The Syrian government and nation’s support for Palestine and the [anti-Israeli] resistance movement is exemplary in the region and that is why it (Syria) is being targeted by the US, Zionists, and terrorists,” Jalili said in a meeting in with Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Omar Ghalawanji in Tehran on Thursday.

While many Arab states had remained silent over Israel’s 22-day war on the Gaza Strip in 2009, Syria strongly supported the Palestinian nation, Jalili said.

“If the regional dictators who are complicit with the US were exposed to the pressures that Syrian has been subjected to, they would have collapsed within a week,” Jalili added.

Jalili further described the ties between Tehran and Damascus as strategic and said Iran is ready to further boost its support for the Syrian nation against foreign pressure.

“The people in the region cannot believe the US and those states which have not even held one election in their history to be the advocates of rights and democracy for the regional nations today.”

For his part, Ghalawanji thanked the Iranian nation and state for their support for Syria and described the bilateral ties as strategic and long lasting.

Syria has been the scene of unrest since March 2011. Because the presence of armed groups who are supported, financed and armed by Washington, Tel Aviv, Ankara, London, Paris, Berlin and certain Arab regimes.

The US has not objected to its allies aiding rebel groups, and is rather facilitating the arms flow on the Turkey-Syria border, according to a Washington Post report in May.
The CIA’s ability to operate inside Syria was hampered severely by the decision to close the US embassy in Damascus earlier this year, officials said.
The US administration is exploring ways to expand non-lethal support to Syrian opposition groups, officials told the Washington Post.

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