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Syria-Terrorists who are supported and financed by U.S and their regional allies shot against Demonstrators as to Accuse Army

Terrorist Nasser Salah al-Din al-Tal admitted that he and a group of armed terrorists fired against demonstrations at al-Zabadani City in Damascus Governorate as to accuse the Army and Security Forces.

Terrorist al-Tal, interviewed by Syrian TV yester night, also admitted perpetrating scores of killing crimes against the citizens.

Terrorist al-Tal along with the terrorist armed groups fired at a demonstration near al-Jiser Mosque, killing scores of citizens, among whom the names of Raed al-Habalti, Jamal Shouman, abo Mahmoud al-Hamoui.

Terrorist al-Tal spoke about financial support provided to the terrorist groups, telecommunication means, and arms used by the terrorist groups including US-made snipers, RBG and israeli made weapons smuggled via Lebanon.

Earlier the Syrian TV aired two stories narrated by two Syrian taxi drivers: Issam al-Awani and Shadi Mohammad al-abdallah, who were kidnapped by armed terrorist groups in Homs.

al-Awani said that he was forced by the terrorists under threats of death to present himself as a ‘deserter officer’ to be filmed in an interview with a foreign media outlet: BBC according to the kidnappers, reported al-Awani.

al-Awani and al-abdallah were released during security forces pursuit of the armed terrorists groups .

Syria for more than 9 months has been witnessing a surge in terrorist attacks against Syrian citizens, army and security forces’ personnel and headquarters. The attacks, backed by foreign powers according to different sources, are part of a sinister scheme as to weaken Syria’s Arab and national resistant stances.

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