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Syria: US Forces Bring in Vehicles Loaded with Weapons to Bases in Hasaka Countryside

US forces in Syria brought in a convoy loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistical equipment coming from northern Iraq to their illegal military bases in Hasaka countryside, SANA news agency reported on Friday.

The agency quoted local sources in al-Qahtaniyah in Hasaka northeastern countryside as saying that a convoy of trucks, tankers and many other vehicles “headed from northern Iraq through illegal al-Waleed crossing for the occupation bases in areas where QSD militia is deployed.”

The so-called US Democratic Forces are backed by the US occupation forces in Syria. They are well known by their Arabic abbreviation “QSD”.

The convoy included 56 trucks and a tankers loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistic materials, as well as 8 new Hummer military vehicles, the sources said.

They added that the convoy was also accompanied by a number of vehicles belonging to QSD militia.

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