Syria Youth Volunteers foundation: Syrian government delegation to Geneva 2 represents Syrians

20140120-215119_h523464The Syria Youth Volunteers Foundation called on the Syrian government delegation to Geneva 2 conference to work so that the conference has a decisive stance to stop terrorism in Syria and exert pressure on the countries involved in it.

At a press conference, the Foundation pointed out that the Syrian youths commission the Syrian government delegation to represent them.

The foundation also called on the delegation to incriminate the direct and indirect responsible sides for the terrorist massacres and to condemn the destruction of the Syrian economy.

Minister of Social Affairs, Kinda al-Shammat, stressed that the Syrian Youths which represent 68 groups in the level of Syria commissioned the government delegation to speak on their behalf.

The Minister added that the government which is working to provide aid and basic services to all people regardless of their belongings deserves to be the genuine representative of the people.

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