Syrian 14 Army and Security Martyrs Laid to Rest

With flower and laurel wreaths and while the Military Band was playing the music of the “Martyr” and the “Farewell”, fourteen army and security martyrs on Sunday were escorted from Tishreen and Homs Military Hospitals and Sweida National Hospital to their final resting place.

The martyrs were killed at the hands of the armed terrorist groups while they were performing their national duty in Damascus, Damascus Countryside and Daraa.

Solemn funeral ceremony was held for the martyrs as they were carried up on the shoulders of their colleagues covered with the national flag.

The martyrs are:

-Colonel, Doctor, Haitham Yousef Younis from Hama.

-Chief Warrant Officer Adnan Jadallah al-Haeik from Sweida.

-Chief Warrant Officer Hazem Aziz Saleh from Tartous.

-Warrant Officer Habib Hassan Hamoud from Tartous.

-Sergeant Major Ghaith Issam al-Jaghami from Sweida.

-Sergeant Conscript Odai Sameer al-Qentar from Sweida.

-Sergeant Conscript Mohammad Gazi al-Shedeed from Damascus Countryside

-Sergeant Abdo Fayyad BArakat from Homs.

-Sergeant Majd Abdul-Hamid al-Haes from Deir-Ezzour .

-Conscript Terki Ahmad Ibrahim from Homs.

-Conscript Bassel Samer Fahd from Damascus Countryside

-Conscript Mohannad Fayez Abo-Baker from Damascus Countryside.

-Conscript Mayzr Haitham al-Ali from Damascus Countryside.

-Conscript Alaa Ryad Ibrahim from Homs.

Relatives of the martyrs expressed confidence that the Syrian people are able to overcome the current crisis through their adherence to the national unity.

They affirmed that the sacrifices of the martyrs fortify Syria and make it more able to face the challenges and to defend its stances which have always rejected the policies of hegemony.

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