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Syrian air defense downs zionist regime missiles aimed at Damascus

The Israeli military has once again carried out a number of missile attacks from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, targeting several army positions near the Capitol Damascus.

The Syrian media have confirmed the attacks saying Israeli jets flew over the Golan Heights to hit targets on the edge of Damascus. They also reported that the country’s air defense system intercepted and shot down most of the missiles fired towards Damascus.

But this is not the first time the Tel Aviv attacks Syria. Israel has carried out hundreds of air and missile strikes against government troops and their allies. Some believe the attacks are aimed at undermining the country’s military capabilities.

This has been the focus for the last few years, Israel’s focus, especially, has been towards Syria’s air defense systems. I don’t think they have been successful however because clearly Syrian air defences are working well and better than they did before. Most of Israel’s missiles have been shot down.

Mimi al-Laham, Syrian Activist and Commentator

The Israeli attacks against Syria have been going on ever since the country was gripped by foreign backed militancy in March 2011.

Syrian government forces have already clawed back much of the territory they had lost to terrorist groups in the first couple of years of the Syrian conflict.

Syrian troops are now engaged in a few mopping up operations to clear the country of the remnants of Takfiri terror groups.

The Syrian government asserts that the Israeli regime and its western and regional allies are aiding Takfiris, who reduced large swathes of Syria to rubble.

Well, continuing their four decades tradition of supporting terrorism in the region. They continue to fund the White Helmets, which, as we know, is Al Qaeda with white hats on, in Idlib province, and to try to extend the conflict in the northwest of Syria, where al Qaeda has taken over the entirety of Idlib province, and they admit that al Qaeda is the biggest force in that region, and they want to maintain and continue that war for as long as possible by supporting al Qaeda.

Mimi al-Laham, Syrian Activist and Commentator

Monday’s attack on Syria comes as senior Israeli military officials have previously said that escalating attacks inside the Arab country is aimed at ending Iran’s military presence there.

This is while Iran says its military presence in Syria is upon a request from the Damascus government, adding that Teheran has not received any message demanding it leaves Syria.

Of course, the Syrian government invited Iran to support Syria against the terrorists and Zionists attack. Syria and Iran have been allies for decades. And, of course, this is also in Iran’s interest, because those terrorists will eventually try to attack within Iran.

And of course, the whole point of the war is to, you know, why the US caused the war in the first place is for Israel’s sake, and that is to try to create a new government in Syria that would not be allied to Iran, they’re trying to break up the Syrian-Iranian Alliance.

Mimi al-Laham, Syrian Activist and Commentator

Damascus has sent many letters of protest to the UN to demand the world body take action against the Israeli Aggression, so far, to no avail.

Well Israel continuously is breaking international law by breaching Syrian sovereignty, and we also know that they have done this for decades in Palestine, and the United Nations has not been able to do anything about it. They are now trying to take Israel to the International Criminal Court.

And this is something that’s been resisted by the US, and even Germany.

So, the problem with the United Nations is that, at the end of the day, who controls what happens if the country that has the power to have nuclear weapons. And therefore, it’s the, the UN is a bit of a joke because even if they were to condemn Israel for its crimes, even that they’re not able to do, they wouldn’t be able to physically do anything to bring Israel to justice.

Mimi al-Laham, Syrian Activist and Commentator

Many interpret the West’s silence towards continued Israeli attacks on Syria as tactical support for the aggression. They also attribute the escalation of the attacks to Israel’s anger over the victory of Syria and the axis of resistance in the face of many long years of militancy against the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

The militancy is widely seen as a foreign backed plot to bring about regime change in Syria, and partition it into weak states in line with Israel’s geostrategic interests. The militancy failed. Now Syria is nearly in full control of its territory and is on the road to stability.

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