Syrian Army advances south of Al-Mayadeen, enters new town


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their field operations around Al-Mayadeen, Sunday, after a taking a brief hiatus to focus on the provincial capital.

Led by the 4th Mechanized Division and Republican Guard, the Syrian Army advanced south of Al-Mayadeen towards the small town of Quriyah.

Not long after launching this attack, the Syrian Army liberated most of Quriyah, leaving only a small part of the town still under the occupation of the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to a field source, the Syrian Army has killed over 20 Islamic State terrorists and destroyed five vehicles thus far en route to liberating several areas in-and-around Al-Quriyah.

The Syrian Army’s primary objective now is to reach the nearby town of Al-Asharaha, which is an Islamic State stronghold that possesses a large command-and-control center.

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