Syrian Army captures US military base in southern Syria


With huge gains bagged in eastern Sweida on Monday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) took control of some 20 villages and hills in southern Syria. Upon pushing deep inside rebel interior lines, the SAA discovered what appeared to be a base constructed by American engineers. The outpost bore resemblance to the Al-Tanf military base further east where US special forces are deployed alongside Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters.

With the abandoned US military base, known as the Asfar hill, now under government control, the Syrian flag was hoisted above the facility in a symbolic gesture of victory.

  As part of the SAA’s 2nd phase of the ‘Big Dawn’ military campaign in southern Syria, government forces pushed into Qasr village and fortified all newly captured points.
 Prior to retreating from eastern Sweida towards the Syrian Desert, FSA insurgents planted dozens of improvised explosives that were dismantled later by SAA engineers whom have gathered extensive experience from demining operations in the Palmyra region.
 With the FSA virtually expelled from Sweida province, the SAA will look to drive US-backed rebel forces out of the neighboring Rif Dimashq governorate and force them to retreat towards the Al-Tanf military base. Once this goal is achieved, political pressure will be applied to force the US Army to evacuate its final positions in southern Syria.
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