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Syrian Army, civilians block US military convoy near Qamishli

According to a field report, the Syrian Army and the villages blocked a convoy of approximately 11 U.S. military vehicles and forced them to turn around and find another route.

“The people of Hamo village and the Syrian Arab Army at a checkpoint inside the village in the Al-Qamishli countryside intercepted a convoy from the American occupation forces consisting of 11 vehicles and forced them from crossing and forcing them to retreat,” the state-owned Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

No video footage of photos were released from the incident.

Both the Syrian military and U.S. Armed Forces have blocked one another’s path on several occasions in northeastern Syria; however, neither side has engaged in firefights over these minor confrontations.

A rare instance of violence did occur earlier this year, when residents of a town in Al-Hasakah began attacking the U.S. forces, eventually resulting in one person killed.

Source: AMN

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