Syrian Army Encircles ISIS at Radio Mountain in Deir Ezzor


For the 3rd straight day, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIL) has attempted to breach the Syrian Arab Army’s frontline defenses at Regiment 137 base; however, they were forestalled at the minefield that is located adjacent to the military base, resulting in the death of a number of militants from ISIL.

According to a military source in Deir Ezzor, the Regiment 137 base is completely secure and is not in any danger, despite reports from ISIS social media activists claiming they have infiltrated the SAA’s defenses. The source also added that the minefields have obstructed a number of ISIS vehicles from infiltrating any military checkpoints on the way to the base.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard (Al-Harss Al-Jamhouri) has encircled Radio Mountain (Jabal Al-Jaheef) in the imperative village of ‘Ayyash, after a brief ISIS offensive that the SAA would later counter on Monday morning. The 104th Brigade’s counter-attack is geared at capturing the ISIS weapons depot at Jabal Al-Jaheef, while also reestablishing complete security of the Al-Raqqa-‘Ayyash Road.

At Sakr Island (Haweeja Sakr), the 104th Brigade continued their success in the 2nd and 3rd Districts, killing scores of militants from ISIS and capturing another 57mm Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun near Central Park. Among the dead ISIS militants at Sakr Island, these 4 were identified: Baraa’ Abu Hamza (Tunisian), Ahmad ‘Ammaar Al-Abboud, ‘Abdel-Razzaaq Sobhi, and Khalil Hassan Al-Jassim.

29 soldiers from the 104th Airborne Brigade were killed at Sakr Island in the month of December – they have been identified as the following:

1. Yasseen Deewaani
2. ‘Ammaar Hassaan Sa’alti
3. Mohammad Saadiq Ma’an Shahaab
4. Ahmad Dahaam Al-Dahaam
5. Ahmad ‘Abdel-Wahaab Al-Ahmad
6. Ahmad ‘Ali Al-Bourssaan
7. Moussa Jaasim Al-Haadi
8. Yaasser ‘Abdel-Samid Al-Jafaal
9. Suleiman ‘Abdullah Al-Hajji
10. Rashaad Mustafa Al-Ghadabaan
11. Hussein Mohammad Al-Antaakli
12. ‘Abdel-Rahman ‘Ayydaan Al-Khalif
13. ‘Alwaan Khalil Al-Haadi
14. ‘Ali Khalil Al-Haadi
15. Mohammad Hanoush Al-Mohammad
16. ‘Assaaf ‘Abdel-‘Aziz Al-Makhlif
17. ‘Iyham Khalif Barkhou Waheed
18. Mohammad ‘Anees Hilaal
19. Jaarallah Fawaaz Al-‘Ali
20. Hussein ‘Abid Hamaadeh
21. ‘Aaraf ‘Abbas Al-Batl
22. Mohammad Suheil Al-Dayyab
23. Naather Meizar Al-‘Abdullah
24. Ibrahim Hamaadi Al-Assoud
25. Ghayath ‘Attiya Al-Faraj
26. Mahmoud Hassan Al-Hussein
27. ‘Attallah Mohammad Ameen Al-Hussein
28. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Kaleeb
29. Saaleh Ahmad Al-Tarek

Source: Almasdarnews

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