Syrian Army Firmly Controls Hijjeira Town in Damascus Countryside

52835ad6d36aaUnits of the Syrian armed forces on Wednesday took full control of Hijjeira town in Damascus Countryside after having eliminated the terrorists’ last gatherings in the town, according to SANA.

The Syrian army units have destroyed the terrorists’ weapons and ammunition and are nowHijjeira hunting down the escaping terrorists on the outskirts of Hijjeira.

A field commander told SANA that the operation lasted for 6 days, adding that the army units discovered several tunnels which were used by terrorists for movement and storing weapons.

He added that the army units arrested scores of Hijjeiraterrorists affiliated to al-Nusra Front and the so-called “al-Islam Brigade”, in addition to dismantling several explosive devices planted by terrorists in the town’s streets and houses, before they were killed at the hands of the Syrian army.

In a different context, the Syrian army continued military operations in many areas across the country on Wednesday, killing scores of terrorists, destroying their gatherings and hideouts.

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