Syrian Army foils air attack on oil fields in central Syria

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed to thwart a terrorist attack that targeted the Homs oil refinery with armed drones.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the engineering units of the Syrian Army “managed to disable and land 5 drones electronically” during their attempted attack on the oil facilities.

These attacks on Syria’s oil facilities have become more frequent, as unknown groups attempt to further harm the Syrian economy.

In a statement issued in June of last year, the Ministry of Oil announced a sabotage operation targeting its oil installations in the coastal city of Baniyas, where the oil terminals linking the Baniyas refinery and the oil terminals located under the Mediterranean waters were bombed.

Homs refinery, founded in 1959, is one of the largest refineries in Syria and it consists of a number of  distillation units of all kinds and naphtha improvement to raise octane.

The refinery produces domestic gas, premium and regular gasoline, aircraft kerosene, heavy and light diesel, fuels of all kinds, sulfur, hydrogen gas, oxygen, and others.

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