Syrian Army Hitting ISIL in Eastern Hama Provine



Syrian army forces keep hitting the ISIL terrorists East of Hama province, inflicting heavy blows on them in the region, sources on the ground said on Wednesday.

According to military sources, the Syrian army and popular forces in a concerted series of  attacks, stormed the ISIL groups’ fortified positions around the villages of Jubb al-Sa’ad and Rasm Amon along a road connecting Salamiyah to Ithriyah in the Eastern part of Hama province, killing dozens of the terrorists in fierce clashes.

In a separate development, the Syrian Army forces and their allies also managed to kill several ISIL militants after detecting and chasing them on Ithriyah-Raqqa road in the Eastern part of Hama province.

Elsewhere, the ISIL militants also sustained heavy casualties and huge damage on their hardware during the clashes with the Syrian army and its allies just outside the town of Hirbnafsa, southwest of Hama, as Syrian air force jets were pounding the militants’ strongholds in a series of surgical attacks over town of Hirbnafsa, the air raid killed scores of militants inside the buildings and injured many more.

Yesterday, the pro-government forces pushed their way further into militant-held areas and came closer to a key town in the Eastern part of Hamah province, imposing heavy casualties in heavy clashes with militants in the region, military sources said on Tuesday.

The military sources said pro-government forces took several hills overlooking the town of Zakiyeh on Ithriyah-Raqqa road in the Eastern part of Hamah following heavy clashes with ISIL terrorists.

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