Syrian Army keeps up the pressure on Darayya as rebel defenses crumble



The Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces are not letting up their attack on Darayya; instead, they have intensified their assault on the rebel defenses, striking both the southern and western sectors of this strategic city in the West Ghouta where the extremist rebels are deeply embedded inside several buildings.

Earlier today, the Syrian Special Forces began their assault by pounding the rebel defenses in the Darayya Association Quarter, while their counterparts from the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) delivered a lethal blow to the remaining extremists in the southern district. According to a military source inside the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Syrian Special Forces are steadily advancing today under the cover of the hind helicopter gunships that are picking off the rebels from Ajnad Al-Sham and Liwaa Shuhada Al-Islam in the Four Seasons Neighborhood.

The Syrian Air Force also dropped thousands of leaflets over the rebel-held areas of Darayya urging them to turn-in their weapons and surrender the remaining territory under their control. The Syrian Arab Army’s continued military operations in Darayya have agitated a lot of Syrian opposition members who claim that there is no presence of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda group) inside the city. However, the Syrian government argues that 1/5 of the remaining rebels inside Darayya are Jabhat Al-Nusra members; therefore, they will continue the siege.

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