Syrian Army Kills Notorious Terrorist Ringleader in Reef Damascus

13920701000718_PhotoIThe Syrian army attacked and destroyed armed rebels’ military positions in Southern Syria on Monday, killing tens of terrorists, including a notorious terrorist leader.
Ahmed Bari Al-Hamd, commander of the Katiba Omar Al-Farouq terrorist group, was killed in heavy clashes with the Syrian armed forces in Al-Qalamoun town in Reef (countryside of) Damascus in Southern Syria today. Tens of other terrorists were also killed and dozens more injured during the army’s operation in the region.

Omar Al-Farouq terrorist group has been established by Sheikh Abu Bari and is comprised of several terrorist groups.

Al-Hamd was killed as the Syrian army has increased the momentum of its military operations and advances and as armed clashes among militant groups has reached a climax.

Earlier today, Abu-Abdallah al-Libi, a top commander of Al-Qaeda front group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), was reportedly killed by the Free Syrian Army in Idlib in Northwestern Syria.

After more than two years of fighting side-by-side and leading one of the bloodiest conflicts in the recent history of Middle-East, FSA and al-Qaeda affiliated groups have been making some moves against each other following reports of West’s alleged concerns over sending more arms to Syria and possibility of them falling into the hands of the terrorists.

Analysts say West’s pressures for opening a way to send arms to militants in Syria and not the terrorists is actually differentiating the anti-Syria armed groups to “good terrorists” and “bad terrorists”.

Militants in Syria have been committing numerous war crimes against people and Syrian army soldiers throughout the country during their bloody war.

Earlier this month, sources said the number of antigovernment combat factions has reached 1750, including the FSA, “State of Iraq and the Levant”, and other groups working for different agendas.

However, the most prominent differences and disputes lie between the FSA and the “State of Iraq and the Levant”, where media sources reported that the latter killed Abu Obeida Al-Binshi, one of the FSA commanders recently.

“The assassination took place after the “State of Iraq and Levant” had taken a number of Malaysians, Syrians and Turks relief workers as hostages,” the sources said last week.

“Following the abduction, a number of the FSA brigades moved in an attempt to release prisoners, which led to clashes between the two opposition groups, and left Abu Obeida Al-Binshi killed,” they elaborated further.

Earlier, a media source in the FSA described the “State of Iraq and Levant” as the movement which turned into a cruel rebel group.

“This organization kills all dissidents without exception, chasing and assassinating them in the areas of Ghouta and Damascus western countryside,” the media source said.

Such incidents were being repeated in Syria during the recent period, signaling a growing tension between the militant groups active under the FSA and the so-called ‘Jihadi’ groups, mainly composed of non-Syrian militants.

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