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Syrian Army Launches Air, Ground Attacks on ISIL Strongholds Near Palmyra

The Syrian army’s air and ground forces pounded the positions and movements of ISIL terrorists in Badiyeh (desert) region of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Eastern Homs.

The Syrian army troops engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists in al-Halbeh region in the Eastern Badiyeh of Palmyra on Tuesday, inflicting tolls on them.

Meantime, the artillery units of the Syrian army targeted the positions and moves of the terrorists near battlefields, destroying several of their hideouts.

The Syrian air force also launched airstrikes on ISIL movements near the road linking Hamimeh region and T2 station at the common borders of Homs and Deir Ezzur provinces and areas near Awiraz dam in the Eastern Badiyeh of Palmyra, leaving heavy tolls and damages on the militants.

The Syrian army had last week strengthened its positions in Badiyeh region of Homs province in line with preparations for an operation to purge the remaining ISIL terrorists from the region.

Field sources reported last Friday that the Syrian army has sent a large military convoy, consisting of hundreds of forces and military equipment, to its bases on Deir Ezzur-al-Sukhna road in the Eastern Badiyeh of Homs.

They added that the military convoy has been dispatched to the region after the ISIL terrorists’ offensives against the military points in Badiyeh, noting that the Syrian army intends to fully cleanse the region from the remnants of the terrorists.

Meantime, the Syrian army forces attacked ISIL’s movements with artillery and missile fire on the road linking Hamimeh region and T2 station in Eastern Homs, destroying several targets and leaving a number of militants dead.

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