Syrian army liberates yet another key town in Idlib en-route to Khan Sheikhoun


Following the liberation of Abu Dali, moments ago, additional reports came in stating that elite Syrian Arab Army forces have pushed on further to secure another key town in the southeastern countryside of Idlib province which commands the road to major militant strongholds like Khan Sheikhoun.

According to military-affiliated sources, units of the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division have entered into and secured the town of Hamdaniyah.

Hamdaniyah is located to the southwest of Abu Dali along the Hama-Idlib provincial border and represents another key crossroad town on the way to major rebel strongholds like Morek, Khan Sheikhoun and Al-Latamenah.

Whilst the operational direction of the Syrian Army’s advance in the region is still unclear, it appears that shock assault formations like the Tiger Forces may attempt to advance on Khan Sheikhoun and or encircle other major militant bastions such as Morek and Al-Latamenah by outflanking them to the north.

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