Syrian Army Makes Major Advances in Aleppo Liberation Operation

13921225000845_PhotoI (2)The Syrian army made major advances in Aleppo countryside in the Northern parts of the country in an operation aimed at liberating Aleppo Industrial City.
The army units regained control of Al-Sheikh Ziyyat town in Aleppo countryside which opened the gates to further victories for the Syrian army in Aleppo and its countryside.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army seized back control over two other strategic towns in Aleppo countryside.

The army units took control of Al-Moqbeleh and Al-Mohseniya towns in Aleppo Industrial City in the Northeastern parts of Al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City on Monday.

With these victories, the Syrian army completed its siege of Aleppo Industrial City, paving the way for its liberation operations against the militants in there.

Military analysts say after the liberation of Aleppo prison the Syrian army has ushered in a new era in its confrontations with the militants.

The army units have regained control of several strategic areas in Aleppo, including Tal Qazan as well as air defense bases and a major part of the region that was previously under fire by the militant groups.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army started fresh operations in Lattakia countryside to purge strategic towns of militants.

The army units managed to purge terrorists from the town of Zagharou in al-Rabia countryside and also regained control of Zagharou strategic mountain peak.

The latest reports from the battlefield said the army has now begun advancing from Kharbeh Soulas towards the highly strategic Qamam region.

The army’s control over the Zagharou mountain peak is seen to carry much strategic importance as it has been under the control of the militants for more than two years now.

A Syrian military source confirmed the beginning of military operations in Lattakia countryside, and said that the main purpose for carrying out the Syrian army operations is maintaining security in Syria’s coastal regions and preventing militants’ attacks on these areas.

Also, the Syrian army started fresh operations to liberate a number of strategic hills near the country’s border with Lebanon.

The Syrian army units were engaged in fierce clashes with the militants in a region across the border from Lebanon’s Arsal region to liberate several strategic hills in there.

The latest reports from the battlefield said army units are now trying to liberate Zahr Al-Rahveh hills.

Also, Syrian Army troops on Monday eliminated armed groups in several provinces, killing and injuring a number of their members and destroying their weaponry.

A military source told the state news agency that units of the armed forces killed a number of militants in Hanano, al-Shaqir, Maarat al-Artiq, Ard al-Mallah, Kafer Hamra, Khan al-Assal, Tal Jibbin, Burdeh, Kafer Kar, Marea, Tal Rifaat, in addition to Qastal Misht, al-Zabdiyeh, Kafer Saghir, al-Haidariyeh, al-Inzarat, Babis, Sasin, al-Atareb, al- Ma’aboudiyeh, al-Rhaimeh, al- Sheikh Said, al-Mansourah and al-Shourfa al-Safra.

The army units also destroyed militants’ vehicles with all the militants inside them in Hreitan, Alliramoun, Deir Jamal, Handarat, Anadan and the Industrial City.

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