Syrian Army, Popular Forces Inflict Heavy Casualties on Militants in Dara’a



The Syrian Army men alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF) hit heavily the militants’ concentration centers in the Northeastern part of Dara’a, battlefield sources said Friday, adding that the militants suffered a major death toll in the attacks.

Scores of the militants were killed and their ammunition depot was destroyed in the Syrian army and the NDF’s offensives in the Southern side of the town of Tafas.

In the meantime, the Syrian pro-government forces struck the terrorist centers near the village of Yadouda, which left many militants killed or wounded and their logistic machinery destroyed.

Also on Thursday, the Syrian Army’s artillery and infantry units opened fire at the fortified positions of the militant groups across Southern Dara’a province, leaving tens of the terrorists dead or wounded.

The militant groups’ strongholds near the towns of Tafas in the Northeast, al-Naima and Elma in the Southern regions of Dara’a were shelled by the Syrian artillery.

The shelling not only ended in the killing and wounding of several militants but also slowed down their logistic movements in the battlefronts.

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