Syrian Army prepares for strategic Deir Hafer offensive in east Aleppo



The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) successful military operation in the eastern part of Aleppo City this month has paved the way for their upcoming offensive in the eastern countryside of the province.

In November 2015, the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces lifted the three and a half year long siege on the Kuweires Military Airport in eastern Aleppo; this operation paved the way for their eventual reentry into the Al-Bab Plateau and Deir Hafer Plains.

With momentum on their side, the Syrian Arab Army made their first push towards the Islamic State stronghold of Al-Bab in eastern Aleppo.

However, this Tiger Forces offensive would be put on hold by the Syrian Arab Army’s High Command in March 2015, as the nationwide ceasefire at that time provided them the means to finally liberate Palmyra from the Islamic State terrorists.

Now, Palmyra is once again under Islamic State control, but this time around, the Syrian Arab Army has a large number of reserves from their Republican Guard forces that are still positioned in eastern Aleppo.

These Republican Guard units will not be redeployed to the Palmyra front like the Tiger Forces; instead, they will take part in the Syrian Arab Army’s first real offensive to liberate the Islamic State stronghold of Deir Hafer near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border.

Another important component to take in account is the Turkish Army’s offensive at Al-Bab; this operation has kept the Islamic State terrorists busy, while also leaving them short on manpower at the Deir Hafer front.

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As the new year approaches, the Syrian Arab Army will continue building up their forces around the Kuweires Airport until the green light for this imminent attack is given by the High Command.

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