Syrian Army Re-Establishes Control Over Castillo-Kafr Hamra Road

Syrian Army Re-Establishes Control Over Castillo-Kafr Hamra Road

Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah fighters have continued their advances against the terrorist groups and have opened the road connecting the Northern countryside of Aleppo to the West.

The Syrian government forces won back a recreational-tourism complex in Castillo and 12 more firms in al-Lairamoun, which enabled the army men to reopen the road connecting Castillo and al-Lairamoun to Kafr Hamra.

The army troops also targeted militants’ stronghold in al-Rashedeen neighborhood in Western part of Aleppo city.

Terrorist groups suffered heavy casualties in the army attacks and their military hardware also sustained major damage.

Earlier reports said that Syrian Army troops and their popular allies continued to hit the defense lines of al- Nusra Front, Nouralddeen al Zinki and Ahrar al Sham in al-Lairamoun industrial zone and took full control of scores of building blocks and firms.

The Syrian government forces’ anti-terrorism offensives in Northern countryside of Aleppo inflicted a heavy death toll on the terrorist groups and forced them to pull the remaining pockets of their forces from at least 33 more building blocks and firm in al-Lairamoun.

The defeated terrorists fled in groups towards Aleppo’s border with Turkey

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