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Syrian Army Ready to Fight against Saudi Aggressors at Border with Jordan


The Syrian Army has dispatched more soldiers to the country’s Southern provinces to be deployed at the border with Jordan to defend the country against the possible aggression of the Saudi Army, sources in Dara’a said.

“A large convoy of reinforcements from the Syrian capital of Damascus arrived to the 5th Armored Division headquarters of the Syrian army in the town of Izra in the Northern part of Dara’a province and the Eastern part of Sheikh Meskeen,” the sources said.

“The Saudi Army has been conducting a number of military drills in the Kingdom of Jordan in recent weeks, raising the alert level of a possible war in the Dara’a province,” the sources said, adding, “So far, nothing has come of these Saudi military drills and it is very unlikely that they will attempt to enter Syria.”

The Syrian government forces have had very good victories in the Southern province of Dara’a against the militant groups, specially in Atman and Sheikh Meskeen and they are resolve to remove militancy in the Southern provinces bordering Jordan to have more concentration on a possible war against foreign aggressors.

The Syrian troops and their allies are marching on the militants’ positions in Southern Dara’a province and have recently scored many victories against militants in different regions in the area.

Reports said earlier today that one of the main command centers of the militant groups in one of the Southern neighborhoods of the city of Dara’a came under the heavy attacks of the Syrian Army, adding that the center was totally destroyed.

The Syrian army targeted the militants’ command center in the Eastern part of Electricity Company in Dara’a al-Balad, which ended in destruction of the center’s infrastructures and several vehicles.

In the meantime, machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist groups in al-Abbasiyeh, al-Manshiyeh and near the Old Customs were targeted by the army.

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